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What is Lagom?
A Scandinavian-inspired kids clothing brand that is exclusively available from our online store featuring clean lines, neutral colours and natural fabrics that are comfy for growing little ones.

About Lagom
We are Anna and Bao and we have worked for almost 2 decades in Singapore’s branding and design industry. Anna is the creative force, driving the brand with her Swedish roots and keen aesthetics. Bao’s family has been in the garment manufacturing industry for more than 40 years. Together, we sought to create what we felt was missing in the kids clothing industry- simple, well-designed everyday wear that is fun and affordable. We want to share the ethos of lagom and let you decide (as Goldilocks did) what is just right for you and your little one.

Why Lagom?
A Swedish word with no direct English translation and loosely means “the right amount”. Lagom is central to our philosophy and everything we do. From the price you pay, how you shop, what you buy and what we design, it is all about keeping it simple, relevant and just right. Because we are mothers too.